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We support commercial businesses with all aspects of integrating EV charging infrastructure into business operations. With our expertise and consultative approach, we provide value-add support at every stage:
Step 1: We support your required upgrades with a turnkey approach including:
  • Insight on OEM requirements, EV charger choice and charger placement
  • Utility process and incentive qualification
  • Advice on futureproofing and maximizing incentives
Step 2: We bring technology and a strategy to gain control of your long-term operating expenses through our connected microgrid approach. See description in section below:

The power of a connected microgrid helps you thrive in this new business environment

We engineer and deliver a facility upgrade that integrates the optimal combination of solar, energy storage, EV charging management, facility controls and complete energy management.

Each System Component Plays a Critical Role

EV Charging

  • Your EV chargers will be the largest and most volatile energy use on site, using 3-5+ times the demand of your existing facility. Integrating EV charging with facility controls is key to managing this energy expense.

Solar PV

  • The least cost energy resource when the sun is shining
  • Reduces exposure to utility rate volatility
  • Solar car canopies shelter inventory and enhance community profile

Energy Storage

  • Stores solar generation and inexpensive off peak grid energy for use by EV charging and during high-cost times
  • When connected to EV chargers, storage is the most powerful tool for controlling demand charges and producing grid revenue. Primary energy source for EV charging
  • Provides back up power during outages/brownouts

Facility Controls and Efficiency

  • Modernize your facility with lighting, HVAC and building automation upgrade
  • Facility management with 24/7 oversight reduces hassles and
    equipment downtime

Cloud-based Integration and Optimization

  • Software technology integrates facility systems and incorporates grid pricing and weather data, delivering a service backed by powerful AI, data and machine learning – all through automated controls
  • The result eases facility management burdens and shifts capital cost and risk, allowing you to focus on your business, not on your facility

We Help your Business Thrive

Take control of your bottom line as you transition to EVs.

Bring the power of data and technology to manage rising and volatile energy costs. With the addition of EV chargers to your facility, your energy use profile will be exponentially more complex. Use available technology to put you back in control.

Take advantage of this unique environment to get up to 60% of your facility upgrade paid for through incentives.

Federal, State and utility programs combine to provide generous economics. Financing sources Use this funding to maximize your bottom line and increase the asset value of your facility. We make sure to qualify you for applicable programs – 6 to 8 separate programs in most locations.

Highlight your business, raise your profile with existing and new customers.

This is a golden opportunity to bring visibility to your business and to highlight your leadership role in meeting community climate goals. This positive publicity broadens your reach locally and beyond.

Use technology to automate facility management tasks, freeing your team’s time to focus on higher value business pursuits.

Most smaller businesses do not take advantage of technology that is commonly used by larger facilities. Although these approaches provide strong economic and operational benefit, facilities below the top tier have largely been ignored. With the addition of EV chargers, your facility warrants a more sophisticated approach.

Businesses we support

Auto Dealers

Auto dealerships are in the front lines of the transition to EVs. We help turn this challenge into an opportunity, delivering an integrated solution to control long term operating costs and green your building – strengthening your long-term business position in the process.

Commercial Businesses

For businesses considering the benefits of on-site EV charging to attract customers and serve employees, we bring an integrated solution that protects your bottom line and highlights your green credentials.

How We Work with You

  • We support dealerships with a consultative approach that balances OEM requirements and time horizons with the long-term strategic implications of charger and network selection
  • With our calculator, we can help businesses understand the impact of charger use on demand charges and utility costs

  • We assess electricity infrastructure requirements, including new panels and upgraded utility service
  • We advise on future proofing, charger placement and optimizing rebates/incentives
  • We can facilitate installation through our network of contractors or can work with yours

  • We manage the rebate and utility process, advocating on your behalf for needed service upgrades and securing rebates
  • We can engineer and implement a holistic facility management system, incorporating solar, battery storage, EV charger controls and building management
  • This approach is turnkey, incorporates a range of incentives and requires no upfront capital from business owners. Benefits include reduced and predictable utility costs
  • Even if you have completed EV charger installation, we can provide a proposal on this integrated approach and its benefits

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